Eastern India’s First Cross disAbility Organisation.


Persons with disabilities comprise a huge population of India and Odisha. Though Census 2011 pegs it at 2.1% in India (2.9% in Odisha), the World report on Disability (WHO, 2015) pins it at 15% of the population. In 2016, the new law, Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, increased the number of disabilities from 7 to 21. By the most conservative estimate, Swabhiman asserts, the number of persons with disabilities in India is 20 crores and in Odisha 60-70 lakhs. However, persons with disabilities are among the poorest, 20% of the world’s poorest persons have a disability, most underprivileged, less educated, experience barriers every day, and are subjected to violence and discrimination. From the year 1999 Swabhiman has been on the front lines of making change happen, towards the betterment of lives of persons with disabilities.


Swabhiman has designed and founded 


  • Inclusive and Joyful Learning model – Anjali, which has become the only international festival in India to provide a platform to both children with and without disabilities to discover each other in 5-days activities

  • YLTEP – To empower and develop active citizenship among youth with disabilities. 

  • OSDN – Odisha State Disability Network 

  • Sandhan – College Student’s Network as ambassadors of disability. 

  • Sashakt – A campaign for rights, dignity and inclusion of the disabled.


Our Programs

  1. Legislation & Policy

  2. Inclusive Education

  3. Inclusive Employment

  4. Active Citizenship

  5. Performing and Visual Arts

  6. Accessible Cities


Our Activities

  1. Advocacy

  2. Awareness

  3. Research

  4. Information Dissemination

  5. Networking

  6. Training & Capacity Building