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Many people with disabilities are faced with barriers that exclude them from participating as equal citizens. These barriers can be attitudinal and societal as well as physical and affect people with different impairments at different times of their lives. An accessible built environment has been recognized as a core element of an inclusive society. An accessible environment provides citizens with autonomy and the means to pursue an active social and economic life. The aim of an access audit is to examine the premises and assess whether it is impossible or unreasonably difficult for members of the public to access and use services and to identify areas where remedial action is required. All the findings are presented in an easy to use report – combining facts and figures with photographs. We look at physical aspects of your buildings and services to identify if they do not meet the requirements of universal design. We can provide infrastructure accessibility audit of all public and private places including hospitals, cinema halls, shopping malls, recreational centres, educational institutions, railway platforms and bus stands, residential complexes, hotels and restaurants, workplaces, educational institutions and basically every business, commercial, non commercial establishment that is meant to serve the common public. We provide core recommendations to help you put in place cost effective ways of improving accessibility for all persons with disabilities and the elderly. This provides a road map to enable your staff, policies, technologies and environmental factors to be more inclusive.

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