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Swabhiman represented by Dr. Sruti Mohapatra became a member of NDN in 2003. Thereafter, she floated the Odisha State disAbility Network in Odisha, in the same year. OSDN (Odisha state Disability Network). It was founded in 2003 with the notion that “On their own, no one can change very much, but by coming together disabled people can have a stronger voice. Campaigning together disabled people can raise awareness, change attitudes, change laws.” 


OSDN is a conglomeration of about 65 NGOs, 10 DPOs, and over 150 individuals with disabilities from across the state. It has regional and district structures. The members come together to raise “United Voices” for achieving various goals.


Some of the Networks achievements have been:

  1. Conceptualizing the “Single Window Approach” for ease of accessing entitlements at Rourkela in 2003, which today is the Bhima Bhoi Abhiyan of Government of Odisha.

  2. Facilitated the 1st Political convention in 2004 for the inclusion of disability issues in respective party manifestos. 

  3. Successfully advocated for India’s ratification of CRPD 2004-05

  4. Appointment of independent Disability Commissioner in Odisha in 2010 

  5. Conducted a successful “Census Campaign” in 2011 leading to Odisha having a higher disability percentage (2.9%) as compared to the national average of (2.21%). 

  6. Successfully advocated for a new Disability Rights Bill based on CRPD 2012-2016

  7. Designation of Minister as “Minister Disability formation of the “Disability Directorate” and establishment of a separate department for disability i.e. SSEPD 2009/2014-2016

  8. Accessible Elections and Election Watch - 2014 

  9. Contributed to Parallel Report on Disability for India’s CRC Review 2017

  10. Contributed to Parallel Report on Disability for India’s CEDAW review 2018


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