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Anusandhan - Research & Surveys.

Disability-related research/survey leads to generating data and information on various barriers, activity limitations, and participation restrictions in society. Advocacy is based on hard facts and authentic data. Data which people will believe in. As an organization devoted to advocacy, Swabhiman always conducted research to get data, based on which advocacy and awareness programs bring about change in approach and outlook towards disability. In Swabhiman, survey and research takes many forms, including observational and epidemiological studies, data collection based on questionnaire, interviews and focussed group discussions. The outcome of these research and surveys guide public policies, private organizations, families, and individuals with disabilities in making and implementing choices that promote independence, productivity, and community participation.


Report on Digital Education and CwDs.


A Profile of Disability in Odisha



Baseline Study on Inclusive Education in Odisha.


CRPD Based Budget Analysis

A Study in Odisha


Access Audit - Orissa (2004-05)


Access audit exposes pathetic state of access in Orissa.


From Invisibility to Visibility - Getting Counted in Census of India (2001 and 2011)


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