UNCRPD Articles - 9, 11, 19, 29 & 30).

Sustainable Development Goal 11:  Sustainable cities and communities.

  • The State should make sure that disabled people have better access and availability to things in all areas of life, including access to public buildings and essential information.

  • In emergencies or risky situations for everyone, like hurricanes, floods, wars, safety of the disabled people should be ensured and they should be properly protected.

  • State should ensure full inclusion of the disabled people and their participation in the community.

  • They can choose where and with whom they want to live.

  • Disabled people have the same political rights as others. Disabled people have the right to vote and be elected.

  • Disabled people have the same rights to take part in cultural life as everyone else. Recreational material and cultural activities should be made better accessible.


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