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Justice from Fraud (2003).

It is said that Justice delayed is justice denied. But Ratnakar Sahoo would have hardly thought of it when he got justice because Rs 6550/- meant a lot to him. Ratnakar is a resident of Dhinkia, of Erasama block, Jagatsinghpur. With both legs affected by polio, he depends on a tricycle for mobility. After the super cyclone, as a part of the individual income generation scheme, he was granted a loan worth Rs 7520/-. Ratnakar, deciding to start a stationery shop, gave Rs 6550/- to a carpenter who assured to provide him a cabin within 15 days.

To Ratnakar's ill fate, the man would not get the work done on time. After a difficult three months, Ratnakar was supplied with a cabin flimsily made. After repeated requests of changing the cabin being of no avail and being left with no more viable alternatives, Ratnakar filed an F.I.R. against him. Except for some initial interventions, the police also remained deaf and mute to the problem. The goods he purchased for business were perishing with every passing day.

After receiving a complaint from him, Swabhiman wrote letters to the Collector and S.P. of Jagatsinghpur demanding immediate action. The S.P. ordered the concerned O.I.C. to take the matter seriously. In the meantime, the network of disabled individuals initiated by Swabhiman came into action. About 120 disabled individuals presented a memorandum to the S.P. demanding immediate action. Incessant pressure of advocacy and networking fetched the results for Ratnakar as he finally got justice.

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