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Pension (2004-2005).

After receiving a letter from Mr Subash Ch. Sahoo, a speech and hearing impaired youth on 23rd March 2004, Swabhiman initiated advocacy for him. Subash's father was an employee of the East Coast Railway and was the only bread-earner of the family. After the death of his father, it was the family pension that his mother received which made the family's ends meet. But ill-fated Subash lost his mother a couple of years later. Along with the loss of parentage, what made his living more vulnerable was the apathy of the Railway authority. Notwithstanding the Extant Rules of MOPR/1993 which stipulates for the continuation of family pension in case of persons with disabilities, even after the attainment of 25 years of age, Subash was denied of it. After his repeated pleas, the authorities kept delaying his request by insensitively passing the bulks from one department to the other.

Crushing under the heap of disappointment, Subash wrote a letter to Swabhiman seeking justice. Swabhiman wrote letters to the Senior Divisional Personnel Officer, Khurda Road and Divisional Personnel Officer, Mancheswar but did not get a timely reply. With no substantial results, Swabhiman sent a letter to the State Human Rights Commission with an appeal to provide justice to Subash. It took almost nine months but finally, Subash got justice.

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